Privacy Policy (in the sequel “FIRM”) is an Internet ads form focusing in making online ads campaigns. To render Consumers with online ads services FIRM utilizes its private technology form “Adsmarshal” (in the sequel “Adsmarshal”).

The FIRM offers to its Advertisers (the “Consumers”) to the form Adsmarshal, giving showing advertising ads to their possible clients – users. The FIRM may gather nameless private content of Users while the online work advertising services goes.

The FIRM pursues to guard and shields their Users’ content. For reliable security of Users’ private life the FIRM makes this Privacy Regulation regarding the types of obtained data, the security of such data and the forms of “Disconnection” from any obtaining of User’s data.

The FIRM is governed by the next Regulation Policy’s Laws with respect to the collecting and securing of data.

1. FIRM must inform the Consumers’ and Users’ of the basic laws of Adsmarshal, the concepts and laws of data handling, the kind and volume of data obtained by
In every circumstance the FIRM does not handle private content of Users in addition to the issue of the direct rendering by Users of private content to communicate with the FIRM.

2. Adsmarshal and Customers’ data.
Rendering Internet Ads Services Adsmarshal may muster unnamed information about users concerning the IP address of the user’s hardware, the online service supplier, kind, web-browser language in utilization, and his edition of the OS determined on user’s hardware, data about user’s attendances of portals for example the address (URL) is a web-page that shows data about the user and ads clicks on them.
Gathered by the FIRM’s form Adsmarshal User Data is the statistical info.

3. Cookies.
Cookies are petty files that transmits to your PC’s harddisk via your online browser (if it is authorized) that affords the portals or service providers systems to discriminate your browser and grab and memorize particular information.
FIRM’s Consumers could apply their private data base, which could comprise private information. In this instance, private content is utilized only by this Consumer for orientating their ads campaigns.

4. What do the FIRM applies the data of Users for?
– To provide appropriately the FIRM’s services
– To boost client service
– To execute purposed display ads.
– For the statistical study;

5. Privacy
The FIRM could not transfer by any conditions or/ and under any circumstances got user data to other people, save for the rendering of this data to these third parties, which acts in the name of the FIRM and only for the rendering of Internet Ads Services by The FIRM can deliver other people data about Users in unnamed mode only and just in the events specified by the rules of the England and Wales. We are utilizing certificated payment service supplier services to handle client`s payments. In compliance with the guidelines of Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council, clients card details are saved applying Transport Layer encryption — TLS 1.2 and app layer with algorithm AES and key length 256 bit.

6. The privilege to “Waiver”.
Any customer has the possibility to outlaw the FIRM to obtain customer’s statistical information via the function «Waiver».