1) What can you start with online ads?
This can be useful when we are talking about online campaigns, which are started with the ad agencies.

2) CPA – cost per action which means that user must click on the ad or do any other specific thing like registration or else.

3) ROI – return of investments, when you invest in online campaigns and you count your profit on it.

4) Ad space – literally the space on the site which is empty until you paste any ad unit on it.

5) Bid – action that is taken to place your ad on the most popular sites.

6) Geo targeting – targeting in any specific country that is necessary for client.

7) Content – means all information that us described on your web page.

8) Banner – form of ad with the image inside it, basically used with the CPM and CPC model.

9) Ad campaign – agreement to start an online ad which will be placed by a publisher on the site.

10) Rate – specific price that is based upon placing the ad in any country or region.

11) Audience targeting – means that you will target your ad to the concrete user based on age, gender etc.

12) Creative – ad unit which is created by a designer or any other person to target any specific audience.

13) Direct traffic – means those users that come to your site by clicking on the ad that is placed through any advertising networks.

14) Ad filters – an option that helps to divide your ads and place them correctly within advertising platform.

15) Exclusive offer – It is given to each concrete client to increase their profit by using the specific ad unit.


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