What is a search advertising, or paid search, would be more correct to name as paid results of search. After each request to Google or Bing we can see textual or graphic information (an image) with an advertising mark. To say it simply, the companies have paid for their ads being shown when a specific keyword or combination was typed.
This is an example how paid search results look like in Google

Paid search advertising in Bing

Google tells it has over 3,5 billion search requests per day. One of the greatest advantages of paid search that advertisers don’t offer any irrelevant product – they offer goods and services a person is looking for at the moment. For example, if you need to buy a cap, search advertising technique will offer you more variants. The better ad text or image was prepared, the more likely you will click it to purchase. Target audience comes to a business owner, it would be a sin to ignore and skip them.
Also paid search metrics give a lot of additional tools that help to understand your audience, track conversion and motivate website owner to make your website better. That’s one of benefits of paid search

How paid search results are generated?

These results can be found in any search network like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others. When keywords of your search request are relevant to the ones in search advertisement, you will see them in the results of the query.

They may be posted on the top of organic results or either mixed with the latter ones. The attitude towards them is still unclear, as many users deliberately ignore them and prefer only organic results. While another group of users prefer companies that honestly pay for search results and not drive up by illegal means.

What is the price for paid search advertising?

Every time the ad was clicked the advertiser pays money. This method is called cost per click or pay per click (CPC or PPC). There is no single price for all ads, the cost depends on popularity of the keyword. The more it is in demand, the higher the price is. Different search engines also offer their own price list, paid search advertising is very likely to be more expensive on Google rather than to a not very popular system.

What one should keep in mind to succeed in paid search advertising?

• Major part of attention to mobile users. According to Google Adwords search advertising, the amount of searches is bigger on mobile devices than on personal computers. The advertisers should turn to mobile devices and change their pages accordingly, thus to make the landing pages quick, optimized and simple.

• White Neo should follow the white rabbit, marketers would better follow their audience. Remarketing will let people to be in touch with your brand, raising the conversion. Probably the reason is simple – people will be more ready to bring money to the name they have already seen, as familiar brands seem to be more trustful.

Paid search helps to those who want to build up their business in a shorter time, as you will get visitors on your website almost immediately. So, the approach is not new at all, but it still works effectively, why not to use it?