Banner advertising definition

Banner ads imply displaying of banners on target Internet resources to attract high quality visitors at a fixed cost for a certain period of time. Every banner ad, as we can see from the definition, is a unique advertising message that can be either static or animated as well. After clicking the ad, user is redirected to advertiser’s website where he or she can get more details about the offer.

Pros and cons of banner advertising

This type of ads are used on the Internet to promote various goods and services. Every company can implement them in their campaigns as there are no limits in themes. However, there are some advantages and tricky moments every advertiser should remember about banners.

What is so good for companies that use banner ads?

  • Personal and customized design. You are absolutely free to choose which kind of information will be displayed on banner, everything depends on the specificity of your company and how interested your audience is
  • High coverage. You will have more from your banner if it is located on through pages or on the ‘face’
  • Increasing of brand improvement. People start recognizing your brand the more they see your ads and, thus, become more loyal to the company
  • Banner ads are oriented on target audience. It is up to you on which resources your ads should be displayed and you can sort out the audience depending on the niche.

Negative points

  • Payment for clicks or displays. Depending on the system you use, you will have to pay for each click or a certain amount of displays at a fixed rate. There is a certain group of websites that require monthly or weekly fee., no matter how many clicks or displays you had
  • The flow of visitors will disappear after your campaign finishing. You will see people on your website when the ad is active. The effect will be too weak or null at all after your ad disappearing from the pages
  • Not desirable audience can be too often covered. There are different root causes of it. The website itself with a high coverage of people can be a reason. Publisher, as well, may not be very confident at all details of cooperation with ad networks
  • Necessity to create quality banners. Successful advertising implies attractive graphic materials to interest users and encourage them to click. It all requires time and money
  • Big budgets. Banner ads are generally designed to cover a big scope of people and, as a result, price for each ad displaying is several times higher in comparison with target contextual ads.

Types of banner ads

There are different classifications on size and technology of creation.

When we talk about dimensions, 468×60 pixels is a still popular size from 1994. There are no strict rules here, however, there are commonly accepted variants that webmasters and advertising agencies keep:

  • 240 × 400
  • 300 × 250
  • 300 × 600
  • 728 × 90.

Visual realization

Static ads

It was accepted for them to be performed in PNG format that allows compression information without quality losses. Their disadvantage is in limited amount of possibilities. Too heavy graphics may cause more time of page loading.

Dynamic ads

They are more interesting, more attractive and, thus, more difficult in creation. There are different technologies are used for their making.

  • Java banners. As a rule, they are immediately installed into HTML. They are quite heavy no matter how good your Internet connection is. Gaming area is the most often ecosystem for displaying
  • Flash-banners are quite interactive and allow user to have some interaction with such ad. For example, change a text or image, add sound etc. Gaming and other industries can apply them
  • CGI-banners that is a set of HTML tags representing PNG, GIF or JPG image in a body. They are also quite interactive and quick in loading
  • HTML5 banners. They are very adaptive as stay in tune with the device you have.

Some words about banners posting

Highest results can be gained when a banner is published at the right website and a good place there. The pieces of advice here are quite common:

  • header as the top element is always in front of the eyes, so that you will have the highest coverage
  • choose website relevant to your ad and the niche itself, otherwise you will attract inappropriate audience.

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