Video ads are becoming more and more popular, they are easy to perceive, can be “eaten” on-the-go, young people confess that to watch a video is more convenient for them rather than to read the same amount of text. Video ad platformare important part of advertising ecosystem and in this article we will cover how to choose the best one and give some examples.

What makes good video ad platform?

Ability to be adjusted to different devices
People surf the Internet from mobile phone at work and may use a tablet at home – video network should be able to support all of the kind to help you to get your message to the audience.

Target settings

According to goals of your campaign you will certainly need geo- , behavioral, context and some other targetings.

There is no better recommendation if your competitors use this or that network

It is always a big question where and who you may start with. Look around and find what your rivals use. Quite likely this solution may suit you. At least for beginning.

Variety of formats

Targeting settings and support of different devices is not a whole story, you will also think about several forms for your ad. Pre-rolls are quite popular nowadays (they last up to 15 seconds before much longer video). But you may wish to try other formats to see what is more beneficial exactly for you.

Clear reporting system

It is normal to understand how your campaign is going on. A good network will provide you with true and clear analytics to estimate success and weak points as well.

For those who hesitates

In this big ocean of names we have gathered some networks that may suit you.


The network is one of field leaders, it offers own-produced technology Instant-Play (immediate video delivery). Opera has recently bought it, so we suppose it will do a power of good to both parties.


A platform is known world-wide in selling and buying mobile video ads.


Our review would be incomplete without this tycoon. The service is well-known, however, the amount of video formats for mobile advertising is a bit limited.


It would be unwise to skip a giant among social networks, and it is the King. Detailed analytics, social targeting, autoplay and many others useful settings are presented here.