Traffic increasing is probably a cornerstone for every business on the Internet. If there are more and more people coming to your place, you may feel more confident in your firm development, its competing the market and opportunity to grow the gap between you and all the rest in the niche.

First of all, for those who have just joined us, let’s discuss how we should understand the idea of traffic. Website or blog owner, saying how big or small their traffic is, mean how many people come to their resource.

Website traffic source is like a place where you get it from: search results from Bing, Yahoo or Google, social networks, emails and a dozen of others. Major types of traffic in all their variety – that is the topic of our today’s article, as you could guess from the title.

Website plays role of a place, a point of meeting, where your clients interact with your business. Some visitors feel interest in cooperation and order something from you. It turns out that the rules of the game seem to be very simple: in case you are lucky enough to find that Holy Grail that will help you to get more traffic – you will see sales increasing and, obviously, growing income.

No matter how good or excellent your products are, how convenient and colourful your website is – it all means nothing if there is no traffic on it. Even experienced marketers feel difficulties with this task, that becomes almost impossible when we talk about small companies where bosses, at the matter of fact, should make business and not to go deep in some technical details.

However, little marketing literacy will not harm anyone. Basic understanding how it all happens will tell business owners where to look at and makes company promotion easier. One more point, creative marketing strategies generally imply work on several channels at once to attract even more clients.

Major traffic types and their peculiarities

Search traffic, it is sometimes called organic. Let’s imagine that you are interested in buying a new mobile phone. You open your browser and type something like “iPhone 7 buy today”. After typing, you get a page with the results and shops. Some of the links are interesting for you, while others will be skipped. At the moment you click one of the links Google Analytics will refer your visit to search traffic.

Paid search results. The logic here is similar, but the difference is that you will have to pay to search systems to be appeared at the pages with search results. This method has no effect on SEO, the magic will stop working when you run out of money.

Direct traffic. No special traffic sources are needed, a person simply types your web address to get in touch with your company immediately. This type is generally not very high, but it is a good indicator of loyalty to the brand and its awareness in whole.
Huge amount of direct traffic is a good proof that people are aware of your business and the products you offer. It is really nice that people can easily remember your address and visit it without any hints.

Referral traffic that mainly consists of people who visit your website due to links from other resources. For example, you have written a press release with a link to your website, and all people who clicked it are to be considered as referral one.
Everything works very simple here: the more links you have on different side-party websites, the more clicks you get. Of course, publications should be done on popular websites that already have huge traffic. We suppose, there is no need to say about relevancy of the place you have chosen and your actual offer.

Social media traffic includes all the people that came to you from social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and others. Your success is a result of your activity in these playgrounds, how fruitful the communication with your audience is and how apt you are at predicting their wishes.

Some words about traffic optimization.

It is a common mistake to promote main page, while the tendency should sound like “sell when you are asked”. It means that all your pages should serve like an answer to that question people are asking to search system.

Final lines

One day you would like to launch your own advertising campaign and focusing on one type of traffic only will be the biggest mistake. Certainly, you cannot control everything, but think about the most popular for your audience and work with them. Later, you can hire someone or earn skills to cover others.