Online advertising is inevitable part of our life. Newcomers in marketing may get lost in a variety of the variants and their implementation. We have collected some key notions that will be necessary for at least beginning of work.

Textual advertising

This is quite effective type of ads that has a form of textual block either with an image or without it. It is an often case to be integrated into a relevant article to be considered as a part of the message.

Banner ads

They are graphical or animated blocks that redirect a user to the advertiser’s website after being clicked.
Banners are old-timers in advertising, its effectivity is a point of discussion as users may often call them annoying and obtrusive. These ads are often escaped by ad-blocking programms.

Video ads

It is the most expensive, but the most rewarding type of advertising for brand promotion. Videos will help to gain positive image of your company, tell about sales, new products etc.

Contextual ads

It is one of the most effective type of advertising. All ads are posted on relevant websites. For example, if you sell kitchen equipment your ads are certain to be posted on cooking pages, forums of relevant topics (kitchen, family, healthy food etc).
These ads use PPC (pay-per-click) model, it means you pay only for those people who have been taken to your website.
This type of advertising causes minimal negative attitude as it will be shown only to people interested in the products and services you represent.

Social media ads

Obviously, these ads are posted in social medias like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others. They have a lot from previous type: only people who want to learn more about a product will have a specific ad. Social ads are very convenient as can be settled to a specific audience: location, age, gender, interests and others. Banners are often used here, it is usually a small block with a picture, title, a short description and a link to the website.

Native ads

It is no doubt to be a luxurious type of ads. You can hardly guess it is an ad at all, as the style of the web resource remains the same, but the ads promotes a product or brand. Its main advantage – it can’t be blocked by any subvertising programs. It is often impossible to divide a natural content and these ads, that is why they have high level of trust.

We hope this article was useful and has helped you to make your way through basic notions.