Everyone have faced at least once those disgusting times when you butter-fingered and exhausted. Unfortunately, it becomes the moment when your boss is expecting brilliant and quick ideas from you. The situation seems to be desperate, however there is no need to panic. We all need support to breathe out and make everybody around happy again. Probably that’s the reason you are here.

Adsmarshall has prepared a list of 20 ideas for interesting posts in social media. Use them when it seems everything was already done – your audience will be delighted, we guarantee.

20 social media website ideas that can help newcomers and professionals

  1. Write a quote. This material is always treated well: some humour or a wise thought from a famous person in your niche will never do any harm.
  2. Encourage your audience to complete the post: If I were a millionaire I would spend half of my income for …
  3. Publish backstage photos – everything will suit: your morning coffee brakes, brainstorms, new year parties and so on. Note: mind being relevant.
  4. Statistics, diagrams and all related data: they are usually treated quite attentively and can give results for repostings and retweets.
  5. Ask questions your audience can give quick responses. Try to use those ones you can have for further work with.
  6. Post photos that formally have nothing in common with your brand, but help to create a necessary impression of it.
  7. Share some photos from your manufacturing place that will make people feel more engaged into your company.
  8. Ask for feedback: even good products sometimes need polishing and no one will tell you about it more than those, who exactly consume them.
  9. Share a link to useful resource. Attracting people exactly to your website is half of the winning strategy, but they will be grateful if you give them some sources for thought and information.
  10. Give a link to a related and, of course, interesting research from your niche. You may have to skip something in the blogpost, while the primary source of information can give some more food for thought for your audience.
  11. Show people themselves. Find photos of your clients from related events, having your t-shirt on in their daily life – whatsoever. This trick is more effective than a dozen of stylish glossy photos.
  12. Tell about your routine: write a post that describes a typical day of a marketer, developer, designer or your boss.
  13. Share your lifehacks. For example, which tool you use to perform this or that routine tasks, how useful it is for you and speeds your work.
  14. Recommend somebody. You certainly have somebody of your partners you are not having business at the moment, but the period of your partnership was remarkable. Tell it to your audience: may be they are exactly searching for somebody of the kind.
  15. Show your history. You certainly have photos а your first office, team or may be products. People are very romantic and will be happy to know a bit more about you.
  16. Show how real you are: share a photo of the place you visited yesterday, funny occasion that happened to you or your friends, some your thoughts, ideas and conclusions.
  17. Launch a photo quiz where your clients will judge by voting.
  18. Add link to the post where a lot of discussions were detected: one buzz may cause another one, while you have a chance to see why people are worried and how you can cope with it and turn it to your benefits.
  19. Mark the most active participant of your community. People should know you are interested in them and mention their engagement.
  20. Celebrate something unusual. Use Days of the Year tool to find what people halfway around the world feel interesting or important. Hilarious or strange days will certainly provoke discussion from your followers.

Here we are. There are lots of “1 000 of interesting website ideas” on other websites, but you probably don’t have time to read them till the end. Write us if you have something awesome to share – may good and creative marketing ideas be with you!