Social Media Marketing is great modern tool that can bring a lot of use to business of any size to interact with potential clients and those who are already your customers. Your rivals have already added social networks like Facebook, Instagram or even Linkedin to their armoury. Your business can suffer a lot while you continue neglecting such a great amount of target audience.

What Social Media Marketing (SMM) is about?

SMM is aimed to reach your business marketing and branding goals by creating and displaying advertising content in social medias.

In this article we are going to introduce SMM to you and give some useful pieces of advice how to implement it wisely.

Before starting your social media campaign we strongly recommend thinking over about your business marketing goals, try to describe who is your target audience, what are your expectations from SMM actions and the message you want to send to social platforms. These are essentials where none of the points can be ignored, all further actions will be based exactly on these facts.

What are your benefits from Social Media Marketing?

  • useful traffic increasing;
  • more conversions;
  • brand awareness and advocating by your customers;
  • you become closer to your target audience thus they feel they can trust you more.

We have prepared several useful tips for you to organize and realize the whole process better.

      Plan the content you want to show in social networks. Order researches to find out what your target audience is interested most of all. You can also use experience from your rivals, why not?
      Be attentive what and when you post. All the information should be up-to-date, regular and relevant to your audience. Don’t hesitate to use related pictures, videos, graphics and so on.
      Keep your style and brand the same irrespectively the platform you use.
      Add links from outside resources. Don’t be shy to give your readers links to the resources you don’t owe. It will increase the level of trust to you and you may have a link in return a bit later.
      Look what your rivals do and do it better! It is always a good idea to peep at the ideas and techniques your competitors use and, if it works, to change it for you to benefit more from it.
      Remember about analytics. You may get mistaken when estimating you success if the data is not tracked correctly. We recommend to use Google Analytics.
      Be ready for hard times. We should admit that sometimes things in business may go crosswise and it is important to have a plan B for a difficult situation.

Best platforms for SMM

Let’s discuss what popular social media platforms can offer and how to win more from your activities in social networks.


People come here to chat with friends and relax. We offer to use light colours and friendly atmosphere. Think thoroughly of a cost-effective marketing strategy covering restricted accessibility and making more impactful your presence on Facebook.


This resource is the best to tell about your updates and news. Make your brand more friendly by adding to your official information funny related content like images, jokes and so on. Twitter’s philosophy is based on communication and dialogues, so here you should be always in touch with your customers, answer to their questions and keep the talk in whole.


It is the place where you can share your video content. Instructive “how-to” videos are very popular nowadays, don’t make virus videos as it was proven by thousand of businesses to be a great fault.


We advise to consider it as the place for professional dialogues with adherents or posting information about vacancies or team-works.