Online advertising companies are in their full right to ask about social media marketing prices. The issue is much more important than it could seem. There are two the most crucial factors that restricts all our business intentions: time and budget.

There are thousands of answers one can get and all of them will show just one idea – megabucks.

Curious thing is that one can spend $1 000 while another company is unlikely to fit in $200 000 per month. There are too many notions that affect on banner ads cost:

  • expert level, skills and popularity of the agency you are applying;
  • size of your business;
  • a set of service and tools that will be used for your campaign etc.

The variety of points the same as price gap may confuse even experienced marketers and business owners. It is good when you are skilled enough to do everything by yourself, but some issues require time while your own primary obligations should be performed, too. Logically, people start thinking about outsourcing of this task and that is the moment where the hazard begins as you have to resolve two the most difficult questions: how much does it cot and which agency deserves being taken?

Advertisers definitely need a guide to resolve the question of money once and for all. Adsmarshall has studied the issue and now we are going to share what conclusions we have made.

What is the price of advertising on social media?

There is a division on several subgroups in the area. Let’s have a look at each to have a detailed understanding.

Twitter costs

There are a bit different prices for those who don’t have an account and that group who will need reconstruction of a current one. In the first case the price range will be something like $2 000 – 4 000. While business owners from second situation are likely to pay somewhere $1 000 – 4 000. And it is the price for a month period.

Twitter is a very powerful channel, but it will too expensive for you in case you are not a giant brand like Luftgantha to cover a myriad of clients and interaction with them.

Facebook ads billing

The costs here are a bit higher in comparison with previous channel. Monthly fee starts from $2 500 and can reach $5 000 and, in some cases, even $9 000.
For the majority of the companies it will be a good idea to unite both of the channels and even add one or two more. Some price reduction can be even expected under such circumstances.

What about other channels?

Facebook and Twitter are considered as solid and serious business sharks, and they are probably the first place each company should come.

However, there are some channels like Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc. Be ready to add at least one more thousand of dollars for each channel you are about to take.

Mind, every business is unique and some of them may require 2 or more channels, while others hardly require more than one or no one at all. Decision about adding each channel should be made after serious studies whether your audience hangs out there, how active they are at that playground and so on. It is exactly the case when quantity is never equal to the quality.

Bonus: what is the cost of hiring an outsourcing agency?

It is good if can keep balance of 10 – 20% of all your ads budgets for social media. However, there are too many things you should know that can’t be learned in a week or month.
Sharing responsibilities and tasks with those who are already skilled in the are will be the best solution. The point is how much it will cost for you. Let’s see.

Well, be ready that it will be a notable sum. It just seems that Facebook marketing is easy as ABC as account creation and posting on behalf of it is hardly too difficult. However, there are so many pitfalls you may face which professional marketers are aware for a long time already and it may turn out too serious problem for you.

Don’t hurry to search freelancers’ forums as the price ..can be approximately the same as agencies indicate. This truth can be very surprising, but it is easy to explain. Professional marketers generally take one or two playgrounds they feel comfortable and can do a lot of use in them, while other channels are redirected to colleagues from the field. In addition to that, there is a whole team that stands behind one name. The issue of popularity and reputation is also applicable here, the more skilled master is – the higher his price is expected to be.

What about your social media advertising – do you run it alone or hired a professional team?