What is RTB? RTB is a real-time auction for selling online advertising spaces (Real Time Bidding – RTB meaning). The whole RTB ad process takes place almost instantly – during the period when the user loads the page of the site. RTB marketing may be different.

RTB systems

  • DSP (Demand Side Platform) – a system on which trading is directly conducted
  • SSP (Sell-Side Platform) – companies selling advertising space
  • DMP (Data Management Platform) – platforms that provide data about users
  • Trading Desk – add-in that provides access to management
  • DCOP (Dynamic Creative Optimization Platform) – a platform for creating dynamic banners.

The real time bidding is a complex technological platform, thanks to which all parties can interact, even when DSPs have different placement conditions. In general, advertisements using real-time bidding auctions are as follows.

When a user logs on to a site connected to RTB, information about readiness for display and about the visitor are received, which are stored in a browser cookie and are instantly sent to the SSP.

The system sends the address of the ready-to-display page, the size of the free ad unit, and anonymous user ID. The advertisers’ requirements are to be analyzed when setting up targeting and the existing knowledge about the visitor (interests, gender and age, history of visits, etc.). Additional data about the user may be requested in special platforms (DMP, Data Exchange). SSP bids for auction in DSP.

DSP bets are based on SSP data, own and purchased from DMP. In SSP, among all the responses received, the winner of the RTB auction is determined at the highest bid, who receives the right to show the offer to this particular user. Payment is at the second price. That is, the advertiser who has placed the highest bid will pay not its price but the one that was bid by the bidder who took the second place plus this amount will be the minimum bidding step.

The site receives promotional materials of the auction winner and uploads them to the page viewed by the user.

The visitor sees the promotional offer. The whole process takes just a split second.

RTB works on targeting and retargeting. The first option involves the selection of the target segment from the entire audience by some criteria: age, gender, geographical location, type of device used, etc. The second option provides impressions to those who already have experience working with the advertiser: visited the site, used the mobile application etc.

Using RTB-blocks on the site

To start earning income on your resource for showing RTB ads, you need to become a member of some platform.

The site must meet all requirements and be moderated.

After that, you need to create and configure ad units:

  • Set the level of privacy
  • Install version of the site
  • Set the vertical or horizontal position
  • Select a format
  • Customize the visual design
  • Specify the formats that will be shown in this block
  • Choose a traffic management strategy.

The resulting code is installed on the site, and after 30 minutes, shows begin.

There are special settings for mobile versions and applications.

Different RTB systems support different display advertising formats but the most popular ones are banners of standard sizes: 240 x 400, 300 x 250, 728 x 90, and 990 x 90. It is recommended to focus on such blocks for the greatest benefit, to supplement them with rarer ones.

It is often practiced to use RTB blocks along with the usual ones, so that in case of the possible absence of a suitable advertiser, to display other ads.

RTB display advertising is beneficial for all participants.