Pricing model – CPI advertising

Pricing model - CPI advertising

CPI, perhaps, is the most famous format of work in mobile marketing. Despite the fact that now, there are more and more offers with the CPA model, CPI still occupies a large percentage of all offers on the market. CPI stands for “Cost Per Install”. This means that the payment to the partner occurs because […]

Real Time Bidding (RTB) Explained

Why Marketers should care about Real-time Bidding (RTB)

What is RTB? RTB is a real-time auction for selling online advertising spaces (Real Time Bidding – RTB meaning). The whole RTB ad process takes place almost instantly – during the period when the user loads the page of the site. RTB marketing may be different. RTB systems DSP (Demand Side Platform) – a system […]

Performance marketing

How to Get Started with Performance Marketing

What is performance marketing? Performance-based marketing is result-oriented marketing for sales growth. A distinctive feature is the ability at all stages of work to see a specific quantitative indicator that will reflect the result of each individual marketing direction, for example, the cost of a site visitor, application, call, order and the final cost of […]

Paid Traffic Sources

Paid Traffic Sources

From the user’s point of view, Internet traffic can be inbound and outbound. Money in this case will be the units of measurement of information – bytes, megabytes, etc. When you perform any actions on the Internet, the computer sends or downloads data. This exchange is called Internet paid traffic. Do you need new customers? […]

Most popular mobile ad format for Online Advertising Campaign

mobile ads

Mobile devices are slowly but steadily compete and, sometimes, push out desktops and notebooks. Marketers all over the world have responded swiftly and realized that a smartphone is a unique opportunity to touch every man or woman directly. What are the most common types of mobile ads? Interstitials Do you remember a case while browsing, […]

How banner advertising work?

How banner advertising work?

Banner advertising is the fist and the oldest form of selling the products on the Internet. If philologist may say that in the beginning was the word, marketers would tell that in the beginning of advertising was a banner. How banner advertising work? Each time you see a sign “Discounts”, “Price crash” and others you […]

Video ad platform

Video ad platform

Video ads are becoming more and more popular, they are easy to perceive, can be “eaten” on-the-go, young people confess that to watch a video is more convenient for them rather than to read the same amount of text. Video ad platformare important part of advertising ecosystem and in this article we will cover how […]