Company owners and top managers often feel a bit tensed and nervous when it is about to discuss marketing and costs for advertising. To get good results from TV and printed media is hardly simpler than to see a unicorn.

Serious and famous companies like Coca-Cola, Philips or Huawei may certainly have profit here, but it will hardly work for newbies or just small businesses.

However, there is a solution to this seemingly unmanageable problem – online advertising platforms. Of course, there thousands of them and one may get lost what to choose. In this article we will try to reveal what characteristics you will need to pay attention to, in order to advertise online successfully.

But, before we start, let’s investigate the definition.

Online Advertising platform is a unique place where those, who want to advertise online, and those who, are ready to publish their ads, can meet each other.

What are the benefits from using advertising platforms?

• you save your time (no need to search for publishers, discuss terms of cooperation, methods of payment and other staff);
• it’s cheaper in comparison with traditional methods of advertising;
• you exactly know what you get and whom you target (TV and radio allow you to choose the time and, probably, the place of your ad. But the audience is too versatile);
• get attention of those people you are interested in (such factors as location, age, gender are easy to state while launching the campaign);
• you are less worried (sounds strange, but ad platforms will protect your business from dishonest people who may harm your business);
• no matter what your location is (globalization allows to live in Bristol, but advertise in Canberra);
• opportunities for everyone. No matter how big or small your business is, but there is a solution for each company.

What makes a decent advertising platform?

• easy handling. Understanding how it all works shouldn’t take much time from you. Of course, there are documents you must read before launching a campaign, but the service itself should be really user-friendly;
• clear system of reporting. Obviously, each advertiser would like to know about the progress in his campaign, achievements or faults;
• mobility. You may have changed your goals or want to run the campaign in a different way, for example, to change the methods you should pay for the ads.

How not to get lost in the variety?

After simple googling one may see so many names like Nativo, Taboola, Outbrain and thousands of others.

There should be clear understanding that price for service and amount of options are closely related. Such ad platform as AdRoll would be the first in the list from quality, but price. Giant companies with huge traffic and conversion rate are likely to apply here.

Monthly fee charged from the advertiser may sometimes grow up to several thousands of dollars. It will certainly distract small firms and local businesses.

Basic set options will certainly be cheaper, but don’t expect magic here. And “basic” is never bad. Those who are new in the area and haven’t learnt yet how to advertise online, what will be better for their campaign, which strategy will strike – may feel free to start from simple things.

Sometimes, tycoons like Triplelift or Gravity may even reject your registration. It doesn’t mean your business is not ok, it means that you should start from something different. At least, Google, Facebook and Bing are always happy to meet newbies.