Mobile devices are slowly but steadily compete and, sometimes, push out desktops and notebooks. Marketers all over the world have responded swiftly and realized that a smartphone is a unique opportunity to touch every man or woman directly.

What are the most common types of mobile ads?

Do you remember a case while browsing, an ad suddenly appears and hides all the screen. Sometimes a closing spaces is seen at once, while in other cases you should wait for a while. So, here they are. An often case of implementing – game apps, between the levels.
Interstitials are characterized by high conversion rate and opportunity to use rich media, but they require more creativity from a designer and wrong placement can cause too much irritation.

This format is gathering pace, people prefer watching videos rather than read the same scope of information. Generally, 15-30 seconds duration is recommended. Some advertisers spend money for auto-play, but for this case we recommend to make it silent, for user to decide whether listen to it or not. Among biggest problems, except wrong placement, is that people are unlikely to watch it again if they have seen it before, but if your video is really interesting, they may give you a chance.

Old school banner
There is no escaping from it. They are cheap and used to be hardly effective. But now it can be a king if located in the wrong place. People are more tolerant here, as their activity is not interrupted neither distracted. However, quick and easy creation altogether with simple integration combat with progressive “banner blindness” and the winner is unseen yet.

Native ads
Marketers often say that it is the best variant for online advertising. Such ads strictly match the topic you are reading about and look in the same style of the page you are on. Users are more positive here, high CTR level is one more proof of effectivity.

We can’t say there are best or worse mobile ads. One and the same strategy can be winning in one case and leading to a perfect loss in another. There are no twin companies. Try different variants or combine several at once to find which your way is.