When we talk about marketing and banner advertising, it is a common case to think about the best size of it for you to get solid results from your campaigns. This information will help you to get more displays, clicks and, finally, sales.

In this article we will deal with 10 best ad banner sizes maximum ad minima. The information we share with you based on Google report about media advertising tendencies. The document itself is really long, Adsmarshall offers to study the most essential points. Let’s go!

Why it is important?

Right banner size is a half of success. According to a research performed by several marketing companies, an average web banner size of 468х60px has just 0,04% CTR. This indicator is 4 times higher for 250х250px (0,16%), and almost 9 times more for ads in 336х280px.

However, a specific website can have another size. The case is that the rule “the more, the better” is, unfortunately, not applicable there.

What to choose?

Let’s have a look at the most preferred banners. The sizes are given not in inches, but in pixels.

  1. Medium rectangle 300×250 px. It is the most popular variant that gives a third part of displays to the owners.
  2. Next one just lacks 2-3% of popularity and amount of impressions. We are talking about a leaderboard.
  3. Wide Skyscraper closes the top-3, here the share of impressions is not higher than 10-15%.
  4. Next position is taken by a banner which is ready to offer 3-4%.
  5. Skyscraper as a smaller analogue for participant number 3, however, not more than 2-3% are expected.
  6. Rectangle 300×100. Highest speed of growth in 70% cannot be ignored.
  7. 88×31 microbar that is more common for financial products advertising.
  8. Half page that is generally related to premium type of ads. Its growth in 35-37% seems to be very promising.
  9. Large Rectangle with the size 336×280 that seems to be a bigger version of a medium one, however, the latter one is quite popular but his big brother hardly shows any signs of growth.
  10. Leaderboard for mobiles with dimensions 320×50 finishes our list with great prospects for future as it is the most vivid item for mobile advertising.

If you have no idea what will suit you – start with classic variants 728х900px for big sizes and 300х250px for small ones. They are quite popular and generally are treated quite positively by users, this size helps them being vivid, but they are not annoying and don’t distract from primary activity on the Internet. That is why nearly third part of clients generally chooses them.

Note: study the guide of the system you are going to publish your ad. Generally, they have recommendations for desktop and mobile banner ad best sizes. Google and other services explain how this or that banner will be looking better in their documentation. Be ready to meet traditional variants and something like 240х400px or 640х100px. This variety can be partially explained by different websites structure, mobile and desktop versions, and, thus, optimal size can be different.

Little bonus: information location

People often ask: what is more beneficial horizontal or vertical advertising banners?

Adsmarshall definitely stands for the first variant. Of course, there are different websites and their peculiarities, but in normal situation it is the best option. Why? Let’s see.

During reading time the information is digested by blocks, generally 3-5 words at once. Horizontal ads are easier for our eyes as they are more “readable” and can include more words in comparison with vertical one. There are less “pauses” after each line and a person can faster have common understanding of your message.

You know, it is like communicating with a person who has speech problems. The more pauses he or she makes, the more attentive you have to be. Communication in this case is several times longer and tensed.

Advertisers should be easy to understand and deal with. Advertising is a language you directly talk to your clients – make sure, it is performed in a comfortable way for your client.