You can earn on the blog if you know how to monetize a website. But far not every blogger prepares publications under a palm tree with a laptop. What can we say – not every author of a personal journal can buy this laptop itself for the income from a blog just because he or she doesn’t know how to monetize a web site. In fact, only a few blogs in the world actually bring profit. Let’s be honest: the majority of bloggers don’t even pay for hosting and domain work.

The problem is not the lack of ways to monetize a website and even not the inability to use them. For one reason or another, most bloggers cannot make a weblog that can be monetized. You will not earn on a laptop under a palm tree if you hang up the AdSense unit on a site with traffic of 100 unique users (or less) per day.

Nevertheless, this article will discuss ways of monetizing your website. You will learn when and which blog you can monetize, which tools to use for earnings, and which ones to stay away from. By the way, the article will be useful for business owners, not just for potential webmasters-moneymakers. It is easier to profit from publications on the Internet.

If you already have a visited and sought-after blog, skip this explaining of the topic creating. If you are only planning to create a magazine, information on the choice of topics will be useful to you.

You have probably heard about expensive and cheap, promising and not subjects. Indeed, other things being equal, a commercial blog on finance or medicine brings in more revenue than a celebrity entertainment magazine. But in any case, do not choose a blog topic based on the average cost of a click in “Direct” or the popularity of the informational niche.

When to monetize a blog

There is no clear answer to this question. The ability to make money on a web blog depends on the subject and the chosen method of monetization. For example, in an expensive commercial niche, several hundred unique visitors per day can provide you with a decent income. But in entertainment topics, even a few thousands of unique visits per day may not be enough for decent earnings.

Theoretically, you can earn income from the first days of the blog. For example, a starting publication may lead visitors to the journal, some of whom will become your customers instantaneously.

If you choose the advertising monetization model, first readers can browse the commercial blocks and bring you the first money. Many advertising systems do not impose site attendance requirements.

There are only two real ways to monetize a web log, so the list is complete but very short. By and large, a blog can be monetized in the following ways, from which you can choose the best way to monetize website:

  • the sale of advertising

  • participating in a real business.

Another alternative way to monetize is a paid subscription (but it’s meaningless if you are not a huge newspaper). It also includes the sale of informational products created from publications in the magazine. This method is even less real than collecting donations. Why?

A person is attacked by varying content every second. Information literally overwhelms people. Publications are fighting for each transition from social network feeds, from the pages of search results, from news aggregators and RSS feeds. People have a huge selection of free quality content. Why should they buy a subscription to your blog? If you really have an answer to this question, try monetizing your blog using the paid access.

By the way, soon there will be even more quality free content. Robots based on AI are already writing novels and winning literary contests. Therefore, do not consider a paid blog subscription as a real way to monetize today. Better pay attention to the still working advertising model and always promising participation in the market.