Instagram is a very specific ecosystem. It is unlikely to imagine any other place where “Nails&Manicure” or “Professional Equipment” will subscribe for updates from you and “PerfectBody” will write you in direct for several times during the daytime. Our parents and grandparents would be likely to get mad when they were our ages. When we talk about Instagram ads, there is a certain mix of LiveJournal and Facebook. In general, advertising procedure has a lot in common with the latter network. It is the idea in whole, but now let’s discuss everything in details.

What is are digital advertising costs on Instagram?

Let’s start with the most burning question.

When you plan to launch advertising campaign on this channel be ready to spend something like $0,8 – 1 per click. But there are several moments that can affect pricing.

How is app advertising cost calculated?

First of all, we should discuss the types of ads available on the network. There are two major variants:

  1. targeted ads that is usually displayed in the newsfeed or in stories (you can choose which audience will see your message, the coverage includes location, age, habbits and so on);
  2. ads displayed at by bloggers or in publics.

None of this type should be considered as good or bad as both of them have their pros and cons. Successful bloggers have a warm and loyal audience (but, as any other people, there can be dishonest people who will badly perform their job or will not publish post about you at all), while the other variant is simpler in launching and handling.

When all targeting options are stated, you will have the following options for budgeting:

  • expensive with bigger coverage;
  • cheaper and the coverage is smaller;
  • offer your variant.

Sometimes the amount of audience you are about to cover is very important. For example, you are focused on ladies in early 30ies who are interested in lux cosmetics. Advertising itself is quite expensive thing, but if in this case you state minimal budget – a very small part of potential clients will see your ad. You are very likely to be interested in bigger scope, so state the prices in a range of Facebook rates while tuning targeting.

Note: don’t worry, you will not lose your money immediately as Facebook auction works on post-payment system. The money will be taken after the ads were displayed.

Little lifehack

Everyone wants to know exact price of Instagram advertising, but the trick is that the sum can be different even for two more or less similar companies working in one field.

However, now you can see app advertising costs even without putting your card number. Yes, absolutely free variant is possible. What you need to do is to set targeting options and see approximate amount.

Common logic in this business is quite simple: a lot depends on how rich your audience is. The factor is calculated by such things as age, interests, location and some others. For example, New York area can be more expensive than Kansas.

Also, the pricing also includes the number of competitors. The more popular your niche is, the more money you will have to spend on advertising.

If you want to save some money, but location of your consumers is not so very important for you – think, which locations you can exclude from your targeting settings.

Some words of wisdom for the road

Be careful with market leaders from your field. Not all from them are skilled enough to sell and value to your product, but all of them want money for their job. You may meet a professional from the field by an accident choice, but it is more likely to be an exception, rather than a rule.

Buying ads in publics is closer to direct communication, however there shouldn’t be high expectations from such accidental events.

Targets in the newsfeeds and stories are exactly the places where small budgets should start at, however, it requires deep concentration or expert attraction. Otherwise, no result will be seen.