Practice shows that it is possible to sell advertising even on a website with little traffic. The question is how to sell advertising space?

Of course, for advertisers, a good attendance of a resource is important but the level of conversion is even more important for them. There are enough examples of sites with low traffic, which also sell a lot of advertising because they know how to sell ad space. These sites have a very clearly defined audience, and therefore, they show advertising to exactly those users that their advertisers need.

We offer you a few simple steps and recommendations that will answer how to sell advertising space on your website.

Studying your target audience

Selling advertising space needs presenting it in the right light for the advertisers.

How to sell ad space – web analytics will help. With the help of special services, you can find out what visitors are looking for on your site, which pages are the most popular, on which pages they linger longer, with what keywords they find your site, etc. So you will get a more or less clear picture of the interests and preferences of your visitors and understand how advertisers are interested in this audience.

Surveys will help identify your resource visitors’ interests. With the help of free survey services, you can quickly and easily create a quiz that is going to help you understand exactly which advertisers your site can attract. Let your survey be as short as possible, and better if you come up with some kind of encouragement for your respondents.

It can even help the visitors of your resource give feedback and leave comments.

Use Twitter to track references to your site or specific phrases in tweets. Mark, which of your posts get the most retweets.

Looking for an advertiser

  • What sites give links to your resource?

View your analytics. Look at sites where there are links to your resource, and which offer a service or product that you could also advertise.

  • Who leaves comments?

Visit the sites of those who comment on your articles, and see their advertisers.

  • Google AdWords

If you use Google AdWords, look what is advertised on your site. If Google believes that your site is suitable for this advertiser, you can also contact with an offer that will provide better visibility than Google AdWords can provide.

  • Analyze sites having same content

Those who are advertised there may be interested in your resource.

  • What are your visitors interested in?

After conducting surveys among site visitors, you may have ideas about advertisers who can be interested in the site. Use a direct contact.

How to interest the advertiser:

  • Visitors’ list of interests made specifically for your site
  • Open access to bounce rates, views and average time visitors spend on the site
  • Show your statistics for the month
  • Links tracking
  • Make your commercial offer to the advertiser as less as possible as spam, personalize it.

Consider whether to place an ad that goes against the theme of your resource and the interests of your users or is simply unaesthetic. For example, advertising pills for obesity or teeth whitening products, etc. Despite a good income from such advertising, you risk the reputation of your resource. Set clear advertising standards from the start.

Selling advertising on sites with little traffic is troublesome but possible. If you study the audience of your site well and correctly submit it to the advertiser, you will definitely find advertisers. Try using different tools and methods, track the results. Selling ads on your site is a continuous process that requires time and patience.