Our 21st century is a great time for living at least because it is not mandatory to go to the office to earn some money. A lot of businesses are quite successful online.

Our small guide is exactly about techniques that will help you to earn using marketing and advertising tips.

Write a book and sell it online

Yes, it is not a joke at all. A diligent book telling information how to succeed in a particular area will be certainly in a demand. There is no special money investing in the deal, but it is rather time-consuming. Also, you will have to spend some time and money to advertise it – but if the book is really worth buying, all costs will be compensated very soon.

Write an amazing mobile application

Do you remember your thought like: “Oh, it would be nice to have an app that could do it”? There are thousands of variants what it can be: photo improvements, calculator that can count handwriting tasks and so on. Take a study, it is quite likely you are not alone in your ideas. The app may be absolutely free with ads inserted, or be of freemium type – there many ways of earning. The most vivid expenses here are – to create and app..

Sell photos

This idea will suit to professional photographs who have some nice pictures stashed. It will not take extra efforts, maybe just making some photos during the working process. Places like Shutterstock are quite popular in the field. You will feel a spirit of competition with other masters, but the way of earning money is simple as ABC.

Make money for your experience

You may not believe, but people do need experts in certain areas. Websites like JustAnswer are seeking for skilled professionals to answer questions. You will sit at home and earn money online just for your knowledge.

Do you have your own way to earn money online? Write us and share!