It is no longer a secret that using several channels in terms of one advertising campaign increases your chances for success. Youtube online advertising is a serious claim that is, however, quite possible to improve your business significantly.

How much is it to advertise on youtube? Well, the cost for an impression can be less than one dollar in case several conditions are observed.

Before we will go into details, let’s clarify one important question.

Why companies should advertise on YouTube?

Big companies traditionally spend a lot of money on traditional medias like radio or TV. We do not talk about results estimation as it is really challenging to track how effective the ad was, what attracted clients and what, vice versa, made them change the channel. The point is that small companies do not have access for it as advertising budget in this case can be higher than their financial turnover at all.

Internet is a place where different audiences are represented, grannies with smartphones are less surprising than 5 years ago. People like videos and YouTube is channel where they are stored and nearly 2 billion of visitors attend this channel and consume different type of information. That means they will be more loyal to your ad video than on any other resource.

How it works?

YouTube doesn’t work on ppc model, but charges you for displays. The cost may vary $0,10 – 0,30 per video, depending on quality, targeting and common aim.

Only one dollar will be spent for 10 displays, it doesn’t seem so terrifying for small companies that do not expect the same level of activity like Coca-Cola or Ford.

Now, let’s think how quality and targeting can influence on the final cost of the ad.

Quality of the video – it is so important that it seems hardly necessary to say it aloud. The only reason why person will stay to watch a disgusting content is to laugh on it completely.

The best targeting and world biggest budgets will not save you if the video you made reminds a short movie filmed on the first camera with 0,3 megapixels. Of course, there are videos that look like being created by amateurs – by you can’t even imagine how skilled the operator was and how expensive the equipment was.

However, no one is saved from the case when the sound and the quality is perfect, but you lost… Do you have any ideas why? You need a good story in your ad. Hiring several professionals from the area who specialize on videos and YouTube in particularly may seem to cost a fortune, but you will reimburse it later.

Targeting options

There are several options you may choose:

  • demography;
  • hobbies and interests;
  • remarketing;
  • variants of displaying;
  • topics;
  • keywords.

The more options you choose, the narrowest your audience becomes. It can be either helpful and harmful in some cases. Broad settings for audience will make you pay more with lower results, so you should be very careful and precise.

Next step is to choose ad format. Be ready that different types require different sums.

Note: if you are keen on YouTube pop-up ads – let’s be very careful, generally users are very annoyed when they are distracted from their main activity. the more interesting video is, the more anger you will get.

Instead of conclusion

The information we have provided you with may either seem lying on the surface or, alternatively, having so many points to take in mind. The best thing is to hire a marketer who know the area well, and can help you to escape the most common mistakes that may sometimes lead to great financial losses.

So, correct answer on “how much do ads cost on youtube” implies not only the ads displaying, but also a lot of preparational moments as well. Handling on your own is not so good idea as you task is to work on your business and resolve other problems, one day you may find yourself not having time for your direct responsibilities that will certainly harm you business a lot. Is it really worth it – what you think?