Are you ready to finally find out what an ad network definition is and how to use such platforms to get more profit? Then let’s get started!

What are ad networks used for is simplifying the interaction between advertisers and publishers. How do ad networks work? At the heart of such networks are companies that offer intermediary services and sell advertiser’s inventory to publishers who are interested in it.

What is an ad network?

What is network advertising? Advertising networks are a set of advertising platforms that are combined by a single advertising system. CPA (Cost Per Action) networks are a kind of intermediary ad networks that allow advertisers to pay only for targeted user actions. Today, before each owner of the Internet business a huge selection of advertising networks is open. Every entrepreneur wants to attract more target audience and achieve high results.

For example, the CPA network is one of the most economically expedient payment options for advertising campaigns. Advertisers, using the CPA model, pay only for specific consumers who have confirmed their interest in the product or service with targeted actions. The CPA network is most effective for online businesses; it is also a great way to expand your audience. The platforms presented in front of you exist for the qualitative organization of advertising campaigns. Many systems allow advertisers to create and manage their own advertising. You can place contextual and banner ads on the pages of the site. Advertising network allows you to monetize traffic on your site, and make a profit for advertisements that are interesting to users.

Advertising networks work as follows:

  • contextual ads are selected based on the content of a specific page of the site
  • advertising is based on the behavior and interests of a particular user
  • advertising is attached to the keywords that the user entered in the search box.

You can choose a platform that is appropriate for your internet business.

The number of companies and products is constantly growing, the boundaries between the qualities of services are erased, they become similar to each other. Therefore, it is important to use empathy tools and thoroughly study user experience, which implies a deep immersion and search for meaningful insights that reflect the needs of users. The most valuable user experience in the modern digital environment is the numerous points of contact through which the client interacts with the service and becomes a loyal client. When creating and designing a service for the mass segment, special attention should be paid to all sorts of details, even the color of the interface or the look of the girl on the screen.

This is not an innovation, but in working with the client, it is important to take into account the smallest details so that it is convenient and pleasant to use the services.

Facebook ad network

Facebook advertising network is called Audience Network.

Audience Network in Facebook account settings is always on by default and contains 3 blocks:

  • Banner advertising at partner sites
  • In-stream video advertising
  • Video with bonuses.

Facebook’s advertising network is, first of all, a huge number of free applications that are monetized just by showing ads. Advertising in them rarely gives profit but eats up the budget pretty much. Therefore, we recommend excluding this advertising network from placements – it almost always increases the cost of conversion. Audience Network has not yet been able to become an alternative Facebook interface.

Note that the Audience Network gives the best result at a cost per click and cost per video view. But conversions will not follow them – they do not give returns. Moreover, web analytics will show hardly 20% of such clicks.