2019 is a very fast and rapid year for each online advertising company. Ads technologies are coming so swiftly, so that marketers couldn’t say they are bored or so. The same as young ladies expect announcement what makes the person of the evening, in the same manner marketers are trying to predict what is the best technique to compete in this challenging world. In our today’s review we are going to have a look what has already been implemented and what is certainly yet to come.

Digital advertising trends 2019 everyone should be aware of

Growing power of Instagram and Facebook stories

The amount of stories published on Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram has already exceeded one billion – it is statistics for 3rd quarter of 2018 only. Obviously, marketers will go there where the fish lives. There are Insta stories that “eat” 25% of ad budget now, while it was only 8% a year before. The trick is that this digit is growing.

CCPA was not the end

US government is seriously thinking of implementing GDPR-like rules everywhere possible in online ecosystem. It means that marketers should be prepared to make significant changes in their strategies and work methods.

Visual and voice searches are hot tendencies for the nearest future

More than a half of users have smart speakers and do not hesitate to use them daily. Amazon has calculated that nearly 130 billion of requests were handled by baby Alexa. Visual search is a new trend. Partnership of Snapchat and above said giant implies that a person will make a photo of the product and Amazon will perform search in the menu for possible options.


It may seem that Instagram has been accelerated, but other messengers are faster. Experts predict they can be a very serious rival to traditional search systems. This magic is very simple in creation – chatbots. There are nearly 18 000 were created and actively used now, so that brands can provide clients with personalized communication.

Automate your marketing

No reason to retell the truth how useful automation can be. It is a wonderful way to kill two birds with one stone: to release your time and have deep understanding how your business functions. There are different tools designed for numerous purposes: email marketing can be handled with Autopilot. There thousands of options offered by Facebook. Also, free platform like Google gives a lot of options to track everything and a bit more.


Surprisingly, it is not the best part of work. However, remarketing ads have proved their efficiency, and they are not so annoying in fact. The secret here is to tune targeting so that audience that have visited particular pages or studied particular product should be covered. It makes user feel having personalized and currently relevant experience.

Augmented reality as a means to make ads more useful

Having fun with Snapchat lenses has nothing in common with an opportunity to see a particular dining table exactly in your room. Possible opportunities for the apps are already seen with Google lenses, but publishers should be ready that apps could also engage advertising.

Some words to sum up

In this list we have tried to collect the most prominent and unskippable tendencies. The power of previous trends like native advertising or rich media and videos is unlikely to become weaker.

The ideas we have provided you with may, certainly, not suit all type of businesses. But, who knows what changes your firm can face tomorrow. Companies using advertising technologies should be versatile and know what happens in the world not at the moment of it becoming a mainstream, but while it was only discussing. You will need it to react correctly on events happening in your niche. It is said to be second in the race, but it is thousand times worse not to mention that the race was started and you didn’t come to the starting point yet.

And last, the question of the day is – what digital advertising trends have you mentioned and how you react on them?