Advertising is the first and the most effective thing to promote your business. People get acquainted with your brand and buy your products. Advertising is important for business owners first of all. No matter how bad or excellent your product is, you may go bankrupt if nobody knows you.

Our grandparents were not so lucky as they had radio and newspapers to introduce their products and services. The situation became a bit better when TV was invented. We are very lucky nowadays as we have lots of advertisement forms and different types of media to say that company A started working and is happy to offer their products.

You can think about Internet, but that is not the only channel. There more of them. Let’s study them and those we have already mentioned to see which benefits it can bring particularly to your business and how to sell using digital advertising.

Printed advertising

It may seem that everyone lives in online world, but this traditional form of advertising is still alive. Newspapers, starting from The Times and up to local periodicals, glossy fashionable and highly-specialized magazines are still bought and they still publish ads.

Radio advertising

People often listen to the radio at work, on their way home or even in a shop or at hairdresser’s. Radio stations identify themselves for which audience they work, so that advertisers can easily find a place for telling about their product. It is very good for listeners, but a key point here, that it is unskippable, one can’t scroll it before a radio programme.


It was popular thirty or forty years ago, the amount of followers is slower, but it is still quite huge. People watch their favourite TV-shows or get news on special channels and advertisers use their chance to tell a short story about their services or products.

Online, or digital, advertising

Yes, we are talking about Internet. Two decades ago only personal computers were covered, while now as the progress has grown a lot, mobile devices and a wide number of gadgets that have screen and access to the Internet are also in the game. More ads are located there as digital advertising costs are significantly lower in comparison with traditional means.
One can try his own efforts or apply to special online advertising companies to have the process smoother and quicker.

Social media advertising

It is a part of online niche, but people spend so much time on Facebook or Pinterest, so the marketers were quite smart to go the lake where fish lives. Social networks are unlikely to be the best place for selling, but it is a good option to build partner relations with your clients, to answer their questions, launch quizzes and so on.

Email advertising

We are not so often to use traditional paper letters, but electronic mailboxes are in great demand nowadays. You can inform your clients about new products you have just received or some other useful information you want to share.
Advice: add a link to your website in your email signature.

Outdoor, or out-of-home, advertising

It is a method that helps to reach your clients when they are not in their homes. The brightest examples are billboards, fliers, special announcements in the subway or auto station, posters on walls.


Local events often lack budget for organizing events. It is a good option to invest some money into some project related to your niche. Next time people will associate you with something noble and decent.

Related events participation

Various fairs, conferences and exhibitions will be happy joining the companies of related theme. Participation may require some money, but you can take samples of your production (even food testing will suit) and your business cards for people to know how to get in touch with you.

Which one is the best?

We’ll bet that a lot of you say it is online advertising is the best way to promote services and goods. You will be partially right as it is the most popular channel and obviously brands should be there. But offline methods as a supplement are quite good, too. Add them to your campaigns to have even stronger results.