Key secret why purchasing ads on YouTube is easy because it is Google AdWords advertising. One can promote his goods or services, while another person will work on the channel raising. YouTube greatest advantage is long effect of all your dids. It will be difficult to find a piece of content on social networks in a month, if it doesn’t become viral, of course. It is all different on YouTube: videos are gaining even more popularity by the time.

Available ad formats

First of all, Google account is a must-have for those who want to order ads on YouTube. Possible options are the following:

  • Announcement bumper. It is a short video up to 6 seconds without opportunity to skip, so that users have to watch it till the end whether he likes it or not.
  • In-Stream videoads. Ad material can be offered before, during or after main video.
  • Video Discovery. It is represented by a textual advertising block that includes description and a snapshot. They are generally located alongside as “recommended video” in search results and on main page of YouTube mobile version.

The formats are significantly different and require different treatment as well as strategies.

How much do YouTube ads cost?

Prices on advertising depend on the type you will choose from the list above.

Bumpers are paid for each thousand of displays.

In-Streams are calculated in the same matter, but if user was watching video for at least 30 seconds or till the end if the length is shorter. Users are given 5 seconds to skip an ad during first 5 seconds and the advertiser doesn’t pay in this case.

Video Discovery is paid for a click that provokes ad starting.

Average YouTube ads cost is in $0,10 – 0,30 range for a display. But when we talk about exact calculation, the price is made by auction model of a second price. Winners are to offer the highest price, but in fact they will pay a previous one from a competitor + one step.

It is up to advertiser which cost of advertising on YouTube is acceptable exactly for him. Generally, Google fits displays of ads and videos into one’s particular financial capabilities. Google has a special function in reportings that shows how many views were potentially lost and what is a desirable budget for each particular campaign.

Effectivity estimation

Obviously everyone would like to see how fruitful his efforts are. It is not enough to see that everything is going well or not well. Every business owner should understand what is good (to extend it on other campaigns or parts of a current one) and what can ruin all your work.

Advertisers are offered a free tool to track their results – Brand Lift. The only point here is that it works on big audiences. Google recommends having 10 000 people for representative selection where only a half of users have watched the video. Participants are asked 1-2 questions connected with video advertising on the Internet. Than, the results are calculated.

Main aim of such researches is to understand: what will be more effective for them: advertising on television or online variant.


  • Choose the format (from those 3 above) you are interested in and prepare a separate strategy exactly for each. Advertising can be divided into groups in terms of one campaign.
  • State your budget that will help to calculate the price. Data about lost opportunities will tell how pricing should be corrected.
  • Treat separately each ad launching and obligatory study reports.
  • Find regular time to analyze how things are going on. You will see dynamics and will cope with the problems, if any, at initial steps or before their coming.
  • Don’t worry about the cost of your advertising. Each time you pay bills, think what effect YouTube ads have given to your business and what your final income from it was. Is it really worth worrying when $10 000 investment has brought $20 000 of profit?