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What are Commercial Advertisements?

What are commercial advertisements?

Commercial advertising definition In general, when we talk about this notion, marketers understand it as advertising of goods, services and other product or non-product proposals with getting benefits in the final count. Strategic aim of commercial advertising is sale encouraging or provoking demand on this or that product. Subject matter here are not only goods […]

Top 20 Social Media Post Ideas

Top 20 social media post ideas when you feel burning out

Everyone have faced at least once those disgusting times when you butter-fingered and exhausted. Unfortunately, it becomes the moment when your boss is expecting brilliant and quick ideas from you. The situation seems to be desperate, however there is no need to panic. We all need support to breathe out and make everybody around happy […]

The 7 Digital Advertising Trends in 2019

7 digital advertising trends in 2019 professional and newcoming marketers should be aware of

2019 is a very fast and rapid year for each online advertising company. Ads technologies are coming so swiftly, so that marketers couldn’t say they are bored or so. The same as young ladies expect announcement what makes the person of the evening, in the same manner marketers are trying to predict what is the […]

Instagram Ads Cost in 2019

What is the cost of Instagram advertising in 2019?

Instagram is a very specific ecosystem. It is unlikely to imagine any other place where “Nails&Manicure” or “Professional Equipment” will subscribe for updates from you and “PerfectBody” will write you in direct for several times during the daytime. Our parents and grandparents would be likely to get mad when they were our ages. When we […]

How Much Does YouTube Advertising Cost?

How Much Does YouTube Advertising Cost?

It is no longer a secret that using several channels in terms of one advertising campaign increases your chances for success. Youtube online advertising is a serious claim that is, however, quite possible to improve your business significantly. How much is it to advertise on youtube? Well, the cost for an impression can be less […]

Different types of ads and media

Different types of ads and medias - which one is the best for business?

Advertising is the first and the most effective thing to promote your business. People get acquainted with your brand and buy your products. Advertising is important for business owners first of all. No matter how bad or excellent your product is, you may go bankrupt if nobody knows you. Our grandparents were not so lucky […]