Native has a very poor reputation that can be partially explained by the fact that not all advertisers can create quality one with right content. You may still remember that scandal and apologies from “The Atlantic” magazine after the article as if written by their journalists. However, the author was Church of Scientology. Unfortunately, this example is not the best one, but it does inspire new rules and branches creation.

Why people make mistakes when create native display ads?

The biggest part of criticism is about making it as a common article and the reader feels cheated when finishes reading. But such cases are not very often, you have two variants only: you like or you don’t like the content.

Publishers like Buzzfeed are sure that people will open the article even it is mark as Facebook or Google native advertising. Key reason here is that a user is not expected to have any extra movements, he is not redirected to other page, you can just look and choose which material you would like to read.

US publishers will not have to hide that it is ad. Marketers see the power of these materials to be on the same level with common articles and be vivid among them.

Let’s have a look at best practices of native ad formats, more about ad format there

Patrón Tequila

22nd of February is an International tequila day and one of the famous manufacturers has used popular Twitter #MargaritaYearhe hashtag. There were 7 new cocktail recipes published with an offer to vote for the best.
The message here is simple: integrate events important for your audience into your campaigns.

Native advertising

New York Lottery

This company has decided to increase their income in 2016 and provoke interest to Powerball jackpot. Here what they did. The brand has hired over 200 of drum players in New York state who were standing in front of wine houses during 12 hours. The event was even highlighted in the news and the company was awarded by Webby for the best example of native ad format.

Native ad format

Cedar Point

This popular park has decided to play on Halloween. People were offered to catch passing image of ghost and publish the picture on Snapchat story and get a discount coupon or a gift in exchange. The engagement has grown significantly.
As you could guess, quizzes are quite productive, but they should imply subscription or registration. And your task is to publish interesting content at that channel.

Native display ads

Taco Bell

This popular fast food restaurant has offered special masks for Cinco De Mayo in 2016. 224 billion of impressions – that is more than just success! The only point is that the cost was of them was something like $800 000. Of course, this method can be not available for small companies, but there dozens ways to make the very Snapchat work on you – just apply your imagination.

Native advertising


The company has decided to promote their Narcos project in partnership with Wall Street Journal. A special interactive portal was created, it was dedicated to history of international drug selling. Users were offered maps, articles and even quizzes that has turned out to be a good example of native ads that has value.

Partnership in seemingly impossible combinations may turn into perfect results. In the current case we can see cooperation of huge giants, audience exchanging form both resources with a high reputation. Small local companies may not have cooperation with business sharks, but contacting local authority can be a good way out.

Native ad format

Ikea and The Telegraph

It is one more example of two tycoons cooperation. One could see a quiz for Ikea that gives pieces of advice about sleeping well. There is no impact on selling of a particular product, but the whole campaign is designed to show that a furniture company is interesting and suitable exactly for everybody.

Native display ads

Of course, the list we have gathered is not a final one and there are more good examples of native advertising, we have offered the most outstanding ones for you to know where to go.
Write us with native advertising that deserve being mentioned to your mind.