Banner advertising is the fist and the oldest form of selling the products on the Internet. If philologist may say that in the beginning was the word, marketers would tell that in the beginning of advertising was a banner.

How banner advertising work?

Each time you see a sign “Discounts”, “Price crash” and others you enter a shop because of curiousity or a desire to get something cheaper. You were attracted. You may not buy now, but you can come later. The same task we have for banners. At least click, and then we will see.

Some words about banners’ cost

Even a child knows that advertisement is quite an expensive thing. However, there are opportunities for cheap banner advertising.
Some googling
You study the Internet, find attractive websites and contact them directly. As a variant, you can post ads on your resources for each other.
Banner ads earn money for advertiser and publisher.

It’s ok, but, to be honest, a bit too long. Pauses for answering, time for conversations… And, popular websites with big traffic will never be cheap.

Join a banner advertising network
Advertising costs in this case will be on an acceptable level, but in comparison with the first idea you get an opportunity to tell almost the whole world about you. Targeting options will help to invite so many people, you couldn’t even guess.

Banner advertising costs will significantly jump up if apply to special agencies. but one should understand, that a team of professionals is working their. Experience and talent will offer creative solutions and many promising ideas to conquer the world. But is it really worth it, if you produce 100 gingerbread cakes a day for Prescott? And vice versa, it would be strange for a big conglomerate like Mercedes to scrimp on advertising company and chose cheapest networks for posting.