Adsmarshal offers the best possible rates for all advertisers. We can show you an example of the rates that we can give. Without a doubt, you can send us your ads and we can even make necessary optimization of them to fit all publishers available. As well, you can get the access to our platform to do all targeting options by yourself. Our support will help to start your campaigns. You can be sure that any types of ads are acceptable. Also our designers hardly work on implementation to make them native to all sites.
You will have a chance to work with only those sites that give you best profits. We have contracts with the largest traffic monsters so that we can offer any types of volumes in any geo’s.
All depends on your needs and this is how we can do it:


It is available for all type of ads. So that you can easily target only that audience as you wish. As well, there can be nice frequency capping options for your campaigns.


Our staff hardly works to fulfill your demands in online marketing. We usually work only with those types of sites that will fit


This means that you can choose correct types of sites that you would like to target. As well, you can exclude those that you don’t like. This will help in the process of optimization.

Volumes of traffic

It incudes the best possible quality volumes that you like. Literally, you will receive as much traffic as you wish and in any country.

Budget limits 

This option means that you can try to step up with your campaign in small limits to see how it goes. Then you can increase it as well.

Types of models 

We work with all available business models so that you can choose one that you prefer. All can be discussed with our managers that will help to choose the right one for you.

Destop/mobile devices 

You can make a choice whether device you would like to target. Is it mobile? We can do this for you. Would you prefer desktop devices? Not a problem for our platform.


The best way to start earning quickly is to target specific audience. This means that if someone is interested only in technologies – then you should show this person only such ads. If not – then this is not the best fit for your ads. We can settle down the best position for you.

Native ads 

Our team works very hard to make any of your ads native. Why do you need to do this? As if the ad is done correctly to the type of the sites – it will give you more chances to have your client.

Payment methods 

Adsmarshal accept all available methods of payment. You can easily go to your account and choose the one that you prefer. As we are looking only for long-term partnership – so that credit cards are also acceptable!