Adsmarshal is an online company that works with all available types of online advertising models.


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For you to know, main of them are CPM, CPA, CPI, CPS, CPC, CPL etc. Each of them differ one from another. For example, CPM is the model that pays for 1000 impressions. As usual, this type of pricing model is used while working with banners and pop-unders. Such types of ads are very popular nowadays.
CPA is a cost per action pricing model which literally means that you will be paid only after client will buy something or do anything else within your site.

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CPS (cost per sale)

CPI is basically cost per install pricing model as CPS (cost per sale). They are very similar one to another and payment is done only after one of the client installs something or buys within your proposal.
So the main goal of the pricing models is to choose the correct one to start with. This is where Adsmarshal is the best. We can handle with this in one moment. If you are an advertiser – we can basically work on any pricing model that suits you and even agree on pricing terms. This would be helpful enough.

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As for the publishers – we have an option to guide each publisher in the pricing models so that he or she would choose the right one for each campaign. This helps to divide the business models and start using them soon enough even before launching the campaign itself. This literally means that you will discuss everything with us before pushing the start button. This is where professionals are needed. That is why we always rely on the best quality sources of traffic.

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We’ll start our potential partnership with making the research on your online needs. We’ll take a look at your products, your sites, design, optimizations and only after this we can discuss possible ways of start of any online campaign.
Surely, that takes some time, but without this it isn’t possible to choose the correct ad and correct pricing model to start working with. Also, we need to make changes in optimizations and drive correct ad to the correct person.
First of all, GEO targeting must be discussed. This means that you need to know in what countries you would prefer to start your online campaign, what type of users you would like to take a look at it and even at what age.
For your understanding, these parts are even more important that everything else. If we discuss all this options before starting anything – this will help to solve your product to almost every person.
As well, you can be sure in our staff as we can show you some results of our other clients. They are very happy that enjoyed our “big online family”.


Without a doubt, the main goal for any client is to receive as much profit as possible. This can be done only with Adsmarshal. We have a lot of reviews on our services.
Also, we can offer nice solution for each client – you will see the result of any of yours online campaigns by yourself each day.
This means that you don’t even need to wait for any manager to come to the office to show you the result. You can do this by yourself. Each client is given the access to our platform and can take a look at any of his campaigns online.
Mainly, the stats are being shown every day. We can send it them by the e-mail if you like or in any other way, but the most important thing is that you can see them by yourself.

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STATS 24/7

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This is the solution that our company accepts. It means that we are working hardly to implement all ads and to achieve all goals in advertising.
We are trying to work differently with each client. You come to us with your site or proposal. Then we should always make a deep research which includes not only your sites but also the market itself. Regularly, it helps to start any campaign at any part of the world by using correct ads and optimizations.
You can start with small budget with us but you can be sure that after having some tests you would like to increase your spend. In the nearest future this will have nice payouts which will help you in all your needs.